The Bill Hearne Trio

Sycamore Creek House Concerts
Dripping Springs, Texas

Saturday, May 14th, 2016 - 7:00 pm

$20/person suggested minimum donation @ the door


We usually finish off our concert season with the April show, but Gail and I decided to make an exception this year and book a May show after we got a call from Bill Hearne who had heard about Sycamore Creek Concerts from Butch Hancock.  We  are long time Bill & Bonnie Hearne fans, so we jumped at the opportunity.  Bonnie's health prevents her from traveling with Bill these days, but he has partnered up with a couple of stellar pickers, who really complement Bill's unique singing and flat picking.

Honkytonks, roadhouses, empty whiskey glasses, unrequited love are the brick and mortar of country music and there isn’t a better mason than Bill Hearne…Bill Hearne calls it ‘The Road:’ that metaphorical ribbon of honky-tonks, roadhouses,  and unrequited love.  Being legally blind, Bill has never actually driven The Road himself, but he sings with such authority of the tales he’s heard while riding shotgun that you’d never know it. He is also known for his Americana and folk music that bring audiences back to hear him time after time.

Bill's husky Texas baritone finds its way into a song’s interior with the mellowness of fine bourbon and the warmth of a Sunday picnic. And of course, there’s his pickin’, a style he calls ‘cross picking.’ He picked up the guitar when he was seven years old. “Since I didn’t have people to play with, I developed a style that incorporated a percussion rhythm while playing lead riffs. Basically, I tried to be a one man band,” he says. Like fellow cross-pickers Tony Rice and Doc Watson, Bill is improvisational. “I hardly ever play the same thing twice,” he says. Not only does he rarely play the same thing twice, he rarely plays the same song twice. His repertoire is as vast as Texas and New Mexico.

In the trio, Bill is backed by Bob Goldstein on lead guitar, mandolin & banjo and either Zeke Severenson or Dave Toland on bass.

Invitations for this concert will go out April 25th. Watch your email inbox for your invite. If you are not on our email list, you can sign up here by filling out the Email Sign Up Form under the Invitation Only tab.

We then send out a Final Confirmation to those with reservations about a week before the concert with logistics and specific directions.

Please note: Here is the cancellation policy for this concert:

Concerts remain "pay at the door". Folks can secure reservations by emailing us with the number in their party (not to exceed 4). Cancellations without having to pay will be accepted until midnight, Thursday, May 12th Anyone with reservations after that time who does not attend the concert will be expected to submit a check made out to Bill Hearne for $20 for each person in your reserved group who has not cancelled by the deadline and does not attend. Please note, this relates only to folks who have reservations who do not attend the concert. The concert is still pay at the door.

We look forward to seeing you soon!!!

Thomas & Gail

Sycamore Creek Concerts