Hal Ketchum

Sycamore Creek House Concerts
Dripping Springs, Texas

Saturday, April 19th, 2014

7:00 pm
$20/person suggested minimum donation @ the door



Gail and I are pleased to invite you to join us as Sycamore Creek Concerts presents Hal Ketchum. I first saw Hal at the Kerrville Folk Festival many years ago playing at the Ballad Tree and competing in the Grassy Hill Kerrville New Folk Songwriting competition.  He was an Award Winner in that competition and ‘the rest is history” as they say.  

Ketchum has distinguished himself as a hitmaker with 15 Top 10 singles and five million albums sold as well as a true singing and songwriting artist with a capital 'A' and one of the most engaging performers on the American live music circuit, also winning a devoted following in Great Britain - a natural outgrowth of his Celtic family and musical roots. He has forged his own singular presence in popular music thanks to such qualities as his vibrant talent and creativity, artistic integrity and natural soulfulness.

He has been a member of the Grand Ole Opry since 1994 and often hosts the "Opry Live" show on GAC. In addition to being a master woodworker - which is how he made his living before music - Ketchum is also an accomplished painter who sold out his first show at the distinguished Penna Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

He was paralyzed for a period of time in 1998 from Acute Transverse Myelitis, a sister disease to Muscular Sclerosis of which his mother died from, and had to learn how to do basic tasks for a second time, including relearning how to play the guitar. In 2010, the fear of the disease and the pain of reality drove Ketchum to retire to the Texas Hill Country which he now calls home.

Hal Ketchum is not done though. Not by a long shot. Three years of "clearing the cobwebs" out has brought forth a new and better man. He's come to grip with the sad things in life and learned to be grateful for all of the things that matter the most....family, good friends, and life. Songs are flowing from his pen like a mountain creek in the spring, leaving in it's flow a new CD with all new songs, slated for release in the summer of 2014. His voice is back and stronger than ever, that voice made of gold. He's also finished writing his memoirs, a finished book that is ready to go to press.


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