The Sea The Sea

Sycamore Creek House Concerts
Dripping Springs, Texas

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

7:00 pm
$20/person suggested minimum donation @ the door



The Sea The Sea weave their many voices into one.

Since the Fall of 2011, Chuck Costa and Mira Stanley have been touring the country, making new friends and evolving their sound.

Now a playful mix of old and new, acoustic and electric, raw and graceful, The Sea The Sea has created an inspired arsenal of harmony-rich, lyric-driven songs.

Dynamic and sincere, simple and true, their liveshows will leave you stirring.


We first saw this remarkable duo at Blue Rock at one of their open house during 2012 SXSW.  Fast forward to the 2012 Grassyhill Kerrville New Folk competition where they were one of the six winners chosen from hundreds of entries.  They returned to the hill country and participated in the 2012 Grassyhill Kerrville New Folk Fall Tour, where they simply blew audiences away at every concert. We are very excited to bring them to Sycamore Creek.  They are accomplished musicians, and we just don’t know the superlatives that will adquately describle their harmonies.  DON”T MISS THIS CONCERT.


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